Minimize Project Risk. Infrastructure Locating, Data Collection & Mapping.


Badger Infrastructure Solutions began locating and mapping underground infrastructure in June 2020. Our Locate Technicians are trained and evaluated on locating-based competencies with a steadfast perspective that the best way to prevent damages to underground infrastructure is to give excavators accurate information. Badger Locating Solutions combined with Badger’s industry leading hydro-excavation platform provides clients a complete damage prevention resource.

Protect Your Assets:

A data-driven decision on where and how to excavate prevents costly damage to underground infrastructure. We do more than just mark the surface! Excavators can now dig with confidence, knowing that Badger confirms the quality and accuracy of locates by integrating precise GPS data and locating meta-data. Accurate locates prevent damage to underground infrastructure and other costly construction issues.

Documentation of work performed prevents future incidents and saves you from paying for redundant work.

Services Offered:

  • Electromagnetic Locating
  • GPS Data Collection
  • Infrastructure Mapping
  • Depth of Cover Surveys
  • 4-Way Sweeps and Passive Scans
  • Daylight Reports
  • CAD Drawings & GIS Exports
  • “Watch and Protect” Inspections

And much more …

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