Shoring Installation

The Badger Daylighting™ Shoring Systems are an industry leader in the design, engineering and supply of excavation shoring systems. These shoring products are used to ensure safe access to buried infrastructure by securing or “shoring” the walls of an excavated site.

Badger has pioneered a new concept in subsurface workspaces – using Badger Assisted Shoring Systems, the Hydrovac first daylights the buried line to confirm its location. The Hydrovac then pulls material from inside the cage to sink the shoring in place and secure the walls of the excavated site. The result is cost-effective and safe access by regulatory standards to the buried infrastructure with minimal environmental impact.

Some benefits of incorporating the Badger Daylighting™ Shoring Systems into the hydrovac excavation process are:

  • Providing safe shoring shields and cages
  • Minimize the size of the excavation
  • Minimal ground disturbance
  • Maintains ground integrity
  • Installation in limited access areas
  • Prevents sloughing and cave-ins
  • Lower restoration costs
  • Safe access to buried infrastructure
  • Reducing the amount of hydrovac time necessary to expose buried pipes when working in unstable ground conditions
  • Enhance work site safety for all personnel that may need to enter the excavation.

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