Badger delivers a broad range of services and applications to a wide range of industries throughout North America. 


Hydro excavation is non-destructive in nature, so our process of utilizing pressurized water and air vacuuming the soil/debris into our holding tank is more accurate.

This method allows our team to excavate soil and locate any hidden underground utilities.


For 25 years, Badger’s innovative technology has supported the construction industry with its excavation projects. Where safety is crucial, our Badger Fleet helps clients navigate challenges faced during projects.


Badger delivers industry-wide compliant and trusted daylighting services to Engineers and the Engineering industry. Badger Operators are up-to-date with the most recent construction codes and practices, thus providing Engineers with viable solutions to solve project challenges.


The Badger Hydrovac System is purpose-engineered to handle the demands of our Industrial Customers whose work sites include: Buildings, processing and manufacturing plants.


Mining consists of discovering, valuing, developing, exploiting, processing, and marketing useful minerals, such as coal, iron, or precious metals. The mining industry locates minerals and removes them in the most economical and efficient way possible for use by various industries, such as energy production and construction.


The Oil & Gas industry has a significant financial investment in pipeline and oil/gas infrastructure throughout N. America, and they implicitly trust Badger’s Hydrovac System over mechanical excavation to provide safe hydro-excavation and daylighting services to meet their high safety standards and to protect their facilities when unearthing buried assets.


Badger has extensive experience supporting projects in coal and gas-fired generating stations, nuclear plants, as well as wind and solar farm projects.

The Badger Hydrovac System has been purpose-built to address challenges both above and below ground when dealing with the Power Generation Industry.


Badger Rail Hydrovac Services provides Customers undertaking projects within the rail right-of-way working in areas with significant subsurface utility congestion. Badger can safely dig in these locations in a fraction of the time required to hand dig the same application. As a result, Badger customers benefit from improved safety, increased productivity, and lower costs on such projects.


Badger provides hydrovac service to the Transportation sector, which includes airports, roadways and railway infrastructure. All of these depend on safe and expedient repairs to ensure efficient and continuous flow of traffic. Any disruption to these services can have a paralyzing effect on operations with far-reaching implications and can potentially result in a substantial loss of revenue.


Badger’s strict safety standards are applied to all projects to ensure adequate protections are in place for workers, infrastructure, and project hazards. Our extensive safety program ensures our Badger Hydrovac Truck Operators are equipped with industry-leading safety practices and procedures. We train to identify existing and potential hazards in surrounding working conditions and take corrective measures to eliminate them.

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