Pole Holes

Badger digs or excavates installation holes (of varying diameter and depth) for all types of poles, including power poles, telecom poles, traffic signals, light standards, signs, fence posts, etc.

Badger Hydrovac Crews will typically dig between 10 and 30 pole holes (24” diameter x 7’ deep) per day, depending on soil conditions.

Piling Holes

Badger digs holes for structural support foundations (varying diameter and depth). Piling holes may be exploratory (friction piles) or full-depth (end-bearing piles). Badger has excavated piling holes over 50’ deep and has dug as many as 1,000 piling holes at a single facility.


  • Utility pole holes
  • Traffic signal pole holes
  • Light standard holes
  • Signpost holes
  • Transmission pole holes
  • Pole removals
  • End-bearing piles
  • Pilot holes for friction piles
  • Spread footing piles
  • Well-monitor installations

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