The Badger Hydrovac™ system provides the safest form of non-destructive excavation.

Our Hydrovacs dig efficiently utilizing highly pressurized water and a proprietary vacuum system to excavate or expose (daylighting) buried infrastructure.

This process uses highly pressurized water to liquefy the soil, creating a slurry-type mixture. Simultaneously, this mixture is extracted by the powerful Badger vacuum system into a truck-mounted debris tank, which can be located up to 600’ away. Our system also has the ability to provide excavation service up to 50′ deep.

What is Hydrovac Excavation?

Hydrovac excavation is a precise, non-mechanical, non-destructive process that uses pressurized water and an industrial strength vacuum to simultaneously excavate and evacuate soil. As the pressurized water breaks up the soil it creates a slurry that is removed by a powerful vacuum into a debris tank.

Badger Hydrovacs can efficiently and precisely excavate in a variety of soil types and environmental conditions – including clay, hard-packed dirt, frozen soil conditions, and in remote areas or locations with limited access.

Our Badger vacuum trucks have purpose-specific onboard water heaters specifically engineered to provide an effective means of frozen terrain excavation.

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