POSTED JUNE 07, 2019 13:10 AM MST.

Set your DVRs!

The special edition of “Operation Career” from the TV show Military Makeover featuring three Badger Daylighting employees will be airing on Lifetime TV on June 24th and July 2nd at 7:30 am EST.

Military Makeover’s “Operation Career” features military veterans as they transition back to civilian life. Badger values the dedication and hard work of our service members and is proud to partner with Military Makeover to capture the stories of a few of our very own veterans. Tom Kappel, Business Development (Lexington), Braxton Bagley, Operator (Baltimore), and David Powell, Fleet Maintenance Coordinator (Brownsburg) have graciously participated in the video highlighting their unique stories.

Don’t miss this episode airing on Lifetime TV on June 24th and July 2nd at 7:30am EST.

Check your local guide for channel information.


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POSTED MAY 22, 2019 08:30 AM EST.

Badger Daylighting™ Corp. is a proud supporter of our Military.

May is National Military Appreciation Month – Badger Daylighting™ Corp is a proud supporter of our Military both while in service and to our veterans across the country who sacrificed for us. We know the hard work and long hours of our service men and women can be demanding and we honor their dedication and tenacity. These are also some of the high-quality traits we look for in our employees, that is why we have partnered with Military Makeover on Lifetime TV to be on a special edition of the show “Operation Career” featuring three of our employees as they transition into civilian life.

We will share the show’s debut airtime as soon as it’s known.

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