Every single day, incidents occur across the country leaving utilities damaged, property destroyed, and sometimes, lives lost.  Most companies that work around buried facilities fully understand the risks involved, but solutions are not always simple.

Common methods of excavation, including shovel digging and operating a backhoe, are not very accurate and require more back-filling, create more damage and are also time and labour intensive. With the innovative technology of the Badger Hydrovac, you will never encounter these issues. Badger’s process uses highly pressurized water to liquefy soil, creating a slurry-type mixture. Simultaneously, the Badger vacuum system extracts the contents into a truck-mounted debris tank.

At Badger Daylighting™ we understand the industry demands of our customers. With our team of highly trained, certified professionals and industry-leading solutions, we offer a complete package of innovative services to serve our customers – from excavation to on-site protection to responsible environmental disposal.  We are always evolving to meet your needs and offer the enhanced services your industry requires.

Badger Daylighting’s strict safety standards are applied to all projects, to ensure adequate protections are in place for workers, infrastructure, and project hazards.

Badger delivers a broad range of services and applications including: