Badger Daylighting™ Emergency Rescue

It wasn’t typical call for Badger Daylighting™, but one we were grateful we could help with.

On July 20, 2018 a man in Etobicoke became trapped when a trench he was working in collapsed. Emergency crews were called to the scene around 3:30pm to find the man buried up to his head. A neighbor had cleared away the dirt from around his face so he could breath, but rescue workers had to work quickly to remove the remaining debris without harming the trapped man.

District Chief David Holwell was available to describe the scene. “We had an opportunity to set up our trench rescue protocol. They (the rescue workers) set the proper barriers and protections to allow our people in the trench. Took the initial crew out and set up formal extrication with the help of the Badger in the background, which luckily they were in the area.”

The Badger Hydrovac was close by and called to assist rescue workers in quickly and safely removing enough soil so the man could be pulled to safety.

It was a tremendous effort from everyone involved and the man was admitted to the hospital in stable condition.

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