With an active hurricane season predicted for 2021, safety, time and emergency response preparedness are of the highest importance to ensure our communities and businesses can return to normalcy as quickly as possible after the storm. Badger Daylighting™, with decades of emergency response experience and the most expansive hydrovac fleet (150+ field offices) in North America, can rapidly mobilize to mitigate #hurricanes#tornados #wildfires #floods #mudslides and other storm related scenarios.

Badger has developed a sophisticated emergency support partnership plan that can be deployed and tactically managed from mobile command centres. This allows us, in conjunction with clients, facility owners and contractors, to provide highly responsive and professional support that will ensure safe disaster mitigation. Our team of highly experienced personnel and hydrovac technology is unequivocally trusted to assist with complex clean-up operations across North America and is proud to have successfully supported our communities through emergencies and recovery.

We stand beside our communities and commit to implementing comprehensive disaster relief support when the need arises.

Trust the Badger Hydrovac™ – Trust Badger Daylighting™

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