The Badger Hydrovac Daylighting Services.

Daylighting is a term used to describe the uncovering and exposing of underground utilities, cables and pipelines to daylight; hence the term daylighting.

Daylighting is sometimes called ‘potholing’; depending on which region it is referenced in North America.

Hydrovac daylighting is used to improve project safety, increase productivity, and lower project costs. Traditionally, the uncovering of buried lines has been completed by hand digging and mechanical excavation which carries a high risk of injury, ruptured or damaged underground pipes, electrical lines, cables or other infrastructure.

The Badger Hydrovac System is a non-destructive excavation solution which replaces risky conventional hand digging or mechanical excavation techniques – thereby, mitigating excavation risk substantially.

A Badger Hydrovac or vacuum truck is, by all accords, a faster method of excavation as it can expose a pipe or cable buried 4’ deep in less than 4 minutes, while the same task could take 40 minutes to complete by traditional methods.

Increased utility excavation productivity means customers can complete more work in a day, thereby lowering overall project costs and increasing project margins.

Additionally, studies have shown that hand excavation is responsible for as much as 20% of all utility damages in North America. Whereas hydrovac excavation is non-destructive and non-mechanical.

The Badger Hydrovac is utilized in a number of general excavation and cleaning applications, including: Daylighting or potholing of buried pipes and cables, piling holes, pole holes, trenching, service repair pits, culvert cleanouts or other debris removal, tank cleaning, and shoring installations.



  • Visual confirmation of buried lines
  • Directional drilling test holes
  • Sacrificial anode installation
  • Pipeline and utility crossings
  • Subsurface Utility Engineering (S.U.E.) test holes

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