Anode Installation

The Badger Hydrovac is able to precisely excavate around an anode installation without damaging the surrounding area or nearby infrastructure assets. Thereby, providing a safe and cost-effective method to access a corroded anode or to facilitate the installation of a new anode pad.

To protect valuable underground or immersed metal assets from normal occurrences of corrosion cathodic protection is implemented. Cathodic protection (CP) is a technique used to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electrochemical cell. This simple method of protection connects the metal to be protected to a more easily corroded “sacrificial metal” known as an anode. Over time the anode will deteriorate and need replacement in order to continue preserving the underground assets.

In order to complete the cathodic protection process an anode and anode pad must be installed for efficient anti-corrosion protection and to substantially lengthen the life of buried pipes. The Badger Hydrovac is uniquely engineered to quickly accomplish the anode excavation without damaging the surrounding area.


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