Badger Daylighting™ provides Daylighting, Hydrovac Excavation, Hydro-Excavation, Potholing and Vacuum Truck services to customers in more than 120 USA and Canadian locations and their surrounding areas.

Badger and the Badger Hydrovac System trace their success to three main factors:

  1. Equipment
  2. Experience
  3. Culture – Serve our customers with the “Best Trained Operators and the Best Trucks in the business.”

Each Badger Hydrovac Truck unit is manufactured in-house and then put into the field with trained operators. Unlike traditional trailer-pulled backhoe units, Badger’s excavators are powerful and efficient machines designed specifically for excavating large volumes in minimal time. Saving time for a contractor means saving money – and Badger delivers!

Badger delivers a broad range of services and applications including: