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There are many types of tanks and tank styles that can be found within the Storage Tank Industry. One key component that all these tanks have in common, they will need to be cleaned out at some point. Badger Units can clean storage units with an industrial-strength vacuum system; supported by a controlled high-pressure water system that has the capability to heat the water, housed in a large water tank located on the unit.

This makes Badger Units uniquely qualified to provide an effective cleaning solution for wet and dry materials safely and efficiently.

Our unique all-in-one Badger Units are more efficient and safer than traditional methods, eliminating congestion around the work site, saving time and money.


Badger’s hydrovac excavation equipment can be used in innovative ways to remove material safely and efficiently. For example, if the material is contaminated, requiring special testing, handling and disposition, Badger’s vacuum system can be attached to the top of a vac box and the material can be directed into the vac box utilizing a 4”-6” remote hose. After the material fills the vac box, the material can be tested and transported to the appropriate disposition site.

In addition, most open top roll-off boxes can be used to store non-contaminated material at our job sites. The material is solidified and then transported to the appropriate disposition site. This allows the Badger to stay working, increasing daily productivity.

Badger’s solution for Tanks and Tank Cleaning –

The Badger Unit can assist with these common applications for Tank Clean-outs:

• Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs)
• Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
• FRAC Tanks
• Open Top Tanks
• Oil Water Separators
• Wash Bay Sumps,
• Water/Waste Water Treatment Basins
• Road and box culvert clean-outs
• Pipe-rammed casing clean-outs
• Ballast removal
• Filter media removal
• Material removal from inside structures and buildings

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