Badger Daylighting’s™ strict safety standards are applied to all projects, to ensure adequate protections are in place for workers, infrastructure, and project hazards.

Our extensive safety program ensures our Badger Hydrovac Truck Operators are equipped with industry leading safety practices and procedures. We train to identify existing and potential hazards in surrounding working conditions and take corrective measures to eliminate them.

Badger Daylighting™ provides the following services to its Electrical, Gas, Telecom, Water and Sewer Utilities Customers:

Utility pole holes – new and replacement
• Utility verification – daylighting, test holes, pot-holes, sight holes
• General Maintenance
• Cable installation – trenching and pits
• Submersible transformer vault cleanouts
• Gas distribution construction
• Valve case cleaning and verification
• Locating lost pipe
• Gas feeder station maintenance and upgrading
• Various cleaning applications
• Transmission and distribution system maintenance