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Badger Hydrovac vacuum trucks are trusted for sensitive subterranean work and to safely daylight underground gas lines, electrical cables and other types of infrastructure for the Construction Industry.

We apply our high-suction vacuum combined with high-pressure water to liquefy and remove columns of soil, clay, sand and gravel from depths of over 50’ deep and up-to 600’ away from the Badger hydrovac truck.

Services to the Construction Industry include:

  • Site development and maintenance
  • New or existing residential and commercial build-outs
  • Civil infrastructure – roads, tunnels, sewer systems and multiple other types of private and public infrastructure

Badger Daylighting™ provides the following services to its Construction Customers:

  • Potholing/Daylighting
  • Utility locates to identify & protect
  • Thawing frozen lines
  • Fence Posts
  • Sign Posts & Bases
  • Drain & Weeping Tile – Installation & Clean-oust
  • Lowering Basements
  • Elevator Repairs – Cylinder Repair or Replacements,
  • Shaft Cleanout
  • Tunneling Debris Removal
  • Roof Repair – Gravel Removal
  • Excavating on the Interior of Buildings
  • RAMJACK/Helical Pier – Caissons or Trenching
  • Fire Suppression
  • Flood equipment Remediation
  • Removing Slurry from Concrete Pour of Cell Tower
  • Pours or Tunnel Projects
  • Removing Concrete Slurry from Wet Pours
  • Pit to Pit Clean-Up

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