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Selecting the right partner creates the foundation for your entire project. For 25 years, Badger’s innovative technology has supported the construction industry with their excavation projects.

Where safety is crucial, our Badger Fleet helps clients navigate challenges faced during projects. Built for optimized performance, our industry-leading technology reflects power and agility to take on almost any situation.

Whether its site development, or roads all Badger Units are designed to work in the most congested construction areas. Our remote hose capability enables excavation or debris removal from up to 300 feet from the unit.

Precision excavation reduces ground disturbance and minimizes back-fill needs. Whether it’s trenching, debris removal, potholing or daylighting, our services keep your project on-time and on-budget.

Applications that support your project:


When remote areas and restricted space are a concern, hydrovac excavation is a great solution to aid with your project.

Badger offers a diverse range of applications that safely expose existing infrastructure, eliminates accidents, and prevents project delays; even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Badger Units can excavate more than 300 feet away, with a remote hose for services such as interior pit excavation, elevator shaft debris clean outs, and much more.

Badger delivers alternative, transparent and viable solutions that provide a safe and reliable outcome on your projects.

• Potholing/Daylighting
• Excavation & Trenching – installation or verification
• Utility locates to identify & protect
• Thawing frozen lines
• Fence Posts
• Sign Posts & Bases
• Drain & Weeping Tile – Installation & Clean-out
• Exposing foundations – Waterproofing basements
• Lowering Basements
• Elevator Repairs – Cylinder Repair or Replacements,
• Shaft Clean-out
• Tunneling Debris Removal
• Roof Repair – Gravel Removal
• Excavating on the Interior of Buildings
• RAMJACK/Helical Pier – Caissons or Trenching
• Fire Suppression
• Flood equipment Remediation
• Removing Slurry from Concrete Pour of Cell Tower
• Pours or Tunnel Projects
• Removing Concrete Slurry from Wet Pours
• Pit to Pit Clean-Up

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