Badger Daylighting™ has extensive experience supporting projects in coal and gas-fired generating stations, nuclear plants, as well as wind and solar farm projects.

The Badger Hydrovac System has been purpose built to address challenges both above and below ground when dealing with the Power Generation Industry. Mechanical excavation by nature poses multiple rupture or breach risks when daylighting sensitive electrical grid infrastructure. Whereas the Badger Hydrovac System is non-destructive and able to daylight using a specialized pressurised water and vacuum system.

Badger Daylighting™ provides the following services to the Power Generation and Transmission  industry: 

Utility pole holes – new and replacement
• Utility verification – daylighting, test holes, potholes, and sight holes
• Maintenance
• Cable installation – trenching and pits
• Submersible transformer vault cleanouts
• Locating lost cable
• Various cleaning applications
• Transmission and distribution system maintenance