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The Badger Hydrovac System is purpose engineered to handle the demands of our Industrial Customers whose work-sites include: Buildings, processing and manufacturing plants.

All these structures mentioned above share a commonality; buried pipes and cables crucial to their operations which require regular maintenance complemented with confined spaces in which to work. Subsequently, making traditional mechanical excavation dangerous and difficult due to the size of the equipment needed for excavation in relation to the amount of space available.


The Badger Hydrovac System and vacuum truck is uniquely positioned to overcome such obstacles safely. Badger minimizes the risk associated with excavating around existing industrial underground infrastructure, by deploying its powerful pressurised water stream and vacuum suction solution to excavate and remove debris from distances over 600’ away from the truck.

Badger Daylighting ™ Industrial hydrovac solutions include:

  • Thawing frozen lines and conduits
  • Line repairs – service pits
  • Cable installation – trenching and pits
  • Utility verification
  • Fly ash removal
  • Vessel removal
  • Tower cleaning
  • Materials handling, maintenance and cleanup

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