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Gold Shovel Standard (GSS) works to prevent life threatening damages, empower field teams to operate safely, and protect excavation crews and the public. GSS is a nonprofit organization committed to improving workforce and public safety and the integrity of buried infrastructure. GSS believes that greater transparency in all aspects of damage prevention among buried-asset operators, locators and excavators is essential to drive continuous improvement, and vital to increasingly safe working conditions and communities.


• Traditional Excavation: 27.39% of damages to utilities come from hand excavating, 47.92% of damages to utilities from backhoe/trencher, 15.41% from drilling.

• Using the Badger Hydrovac is the safe alternative.

• With Badger’s in house engineering and design we are constantly working to perfect our damage prevention equipment.

Equipotential Bonding Mat: Used when daylighting energized electrical lines.

Wash Wand Nozzles and Tips: Specific to the soil we’re digging in, Badger has designed heads that produce the most effective angle, tip size, spinning and pressure configurations.

Where adopted and within three years, Gold Shovel Standard’s goal is to reduce buried utility strikes from professional excavators by 50%. Badger Daylighting is the North American leader in non-destructive hydro-excavation and with over 1100 units has the ability to help you achieve your goal of zero damage to utilities.

Damaging Utilities affects your safety and production on the job.

• When excavators and Badger Daylighting™ work together projects are completed both safely and efficiently.

• Badger Daylighting’s Purpose-built equipment is compliant with CGA’s Best Practice 5.32.


• Compliance with Damage Prevention-Safety Management Systems – GSS Certification mandates the adoption of Damage Prevention-Safety Management Systems (DP-SMS) to drive public and workforce safety.

• GSS Certification is a widely-recognized indication of increased safety awareness and a commitment to continuous damage prevention improvement.

• Reporting Mandate: Participants agree to report all damages to any buried infrastructure (gas, electric, water, sewer, etc.), while maintaining a valid Gold Shovel Standard Certification.

• A case study showed that in less than 33 months, GSS member Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), saw a 38% reduction in third-party line strikes, through its partnerships to establish a Gold Shovel Standard community in the Sacramento, California region.

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